Why Join us?

 Join us at the Monkey Mansion if you like to kite surf with the best comfort at the best spot in the world. The condition in Cape Town makes it the ideal spot for kite surfing. But we are about more than jsut that! The high flying monkeys are  about sharing memories, awesome sessions and crazy adventures!

Monkey Mansion

Located near all the best spots in Blouberg and just minutes walk to the perfect spot to start a downwinder. Adding that it’s only a 15 minute ride to Cape Town. We offer 5 comfy rooms with 3 bathrooms. You can park for free, use the wifi as you please and store your gear safely.  The mansion includes a large garden with a braai facility (a must have here). Check for availability before other monkeys steal those banana’s.

Monkey Friends

Awesome dudes and dudettes from different backgrounds with a passion for kite surfing!!!! We’ll go on downwinders together and make trips to different spots. And if the wind is not blowing, we organize fun trips exploring Africa, paragliding or even jumping out of air planes. Heck if you have any ideas for fun trips or activities we will make it happen!

Kitesurf Spots Around Cape Town

The condition at Blouberg makes it the ideal spot. But if the conditions are better anywhere around the cape we  will organize trips there too.  But hey let’s be honest it’s not an easy ride if you lack experience. No worries my friend! If you are a beginner we are more than happy and equipped to help you learn fast and guide you to spots that are more suited for your level like Langebaan. But we aim to get you riding those waves and jumping those gusts in no time! We’ll make sure you will make it! Contact us for lessons.

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Average Wind Conditions

Cape Town is notorious for its consistent wind in the summer months (European winter). The daily routine is perfect for all skill levels as in the morning the wind is lighter and perfect for lessons and beginners (around 20 knots). By the afternoon the wind builds consistently enough to make the experienced high flying monkeys smile! (above 30 knots) It’s also amazing how much difference a 15-minute drive can make to the strength of the wind.

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Alpha Male Safari

Man we will even be organizing long trips and we call them “Monkey Safaris”. One thing Africa is most famous about, but we restored the whole meaning of safari by really going into the wild and getting into great adventures. We will be leaving from Cape town with fully equipped vehicles all the way up to Okavanga Delta in Botswana. And going down along the coast of Namibia back to Cape Town and seeing all the splendor there is along the way (and there is a lot).

Monkey Safari

Cape Town is the best place to kite surf because I'm here!

JoshuaSouth Africa

Cape Town has the most epic wind on planet earth! If you want to boost big, a trip to Cape Town is a must do!


Cape Town is an awesome place and even more so when you kitesurf!!!


Come join this cape monkey in the worlds best kite surf conditions in cape town!


Cape Town conditions. That shit is bananas. B.A.N.A.N.A.S.


Hands down my favourite place to travel & kitesurf, a true adventure and epic conditions guaranteed


Cape Town is the place where you can push your limits. With the strong south-east wind and the clean waves (big or small) you can really fly higher than anywhere else! =
And of course the braai party's in town.. Haha


Cape Town has the best wind conditions I've seen so far plus the non kiting activities are just awesome... Go monkeys!!


Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Good food, good wine and friendly people. I love it because of its diversity. It’s the only place I have been so far where I have amazing surf, kite and parties at the same place.


I’ve only got two words for you bru: HAAK GAT. Peace out