Do you have what it takes?

Join the Monkeys on their adventures!


We are here to give you so many good memories and stories that you might have to become a writer! Either surfing or safaris we got you covered!

Unique Safaris

At the end of the windy season it’s time for adventure. Only 6 people can join this unique expedition starting in Cape Town exploring wild Botswana and back through the magical landscapes of Namibia. Do you have what it takes? 

King of the Air offer

Joshua holds the current Woo record for the highest jump of almost 30 meters. Do you want to find out his secret? Good news Monkeys, If you book a room at the Monkey mansion you win a free Big Air Clinic with Josh. (10-16 Feb)

America first, Cape Town second 

Conditions in Cape Town will have you shaking your tale and theirs much more to do if there is no wind.  You never get bored at the Monkey Mansion

Monkey Mansion

Comfortable accommodation with private rooms close to the beach.

Monkey Adventures

Wine tasting on horseback, paragliding and diving with seals

Monkey Safari

Join our expedition into the wild world of Botswana and Namibia

Cape Town is the best place to kite surf because I'm here!

JoshuaSouth Africa

Cape Town is the place where you can push your limits. With the strong south-east wind and the clean waves (big or small) you can really fly higher than anywhere else!
And of course the braai party's in town.. Haha


Cape Town has the best wind conditions I've seen so far plus the non kiting activities are just awesome... Go monkeys!!


Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Good food, good wine and friendly people. I love it because of its diversity. It’s the only place I have been so far where I have amazing surf, kite and parties at the same place.


I've only got two words for you bru: HAAK GAT. Peace out


Cape Town has the most epic wind on planet earth! If you want to boost big, a trip to Cape Town is a must do!


Cape Town is an awesome place and even more so when you kitesurf!!!


Come join this cape monkey in the worlds best kite surf conditions in cape town!


Cape Town conditions. That shit is bananas. B.A.N.A.N.A.S.


Hands down my favourite place to travel & kitesurf, a true adventure and epic conditions guaranteed


We are the Monkeys

We are Pim and Bas, 2 Dutch dudes based in Amsterdam. We Love Kitesurfing and Africa more than we love bananas! We both lived in Cape Town on different occasions. Last year we decided to help other friends discover Cape Town and Africa with us. We rented a larger house and invited people to join us. It worked out too well. So this year we decided to repeat this monkey business “HIGH FLYING MONKEYS”! Join us on our next adventure!